Why Stratos?

A full-service marketing firm that can help you build and grow your business

Marketing can be a major business builder for any company, but many common challenges block the way. We can help you overcome them – and raise your prominence in the process.

– We utilize our 20+ years of experience to recognize key marketing opportunities and potential for growth.

– We will help you identify what to measure and shift strategies to determine the best marketing mix to shorten the sales cycle.

– We simplify strategy, clarify marketing focus and ultimately help you to elevate your results.

Whether your company is just starting out or you need help getting it back on track…we’re here for you. Let us help you achieve new heights in brand awareness and sales.

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Pamela Curran


Pam has 20+ years of B2B and B2C marketing experience helping businesses develop strategies to grow brand awareness, market share, and ROI, and is skilled at leading sales and marketing teams beyond current capabilities to elevate results.

She is a pragmatic marketing professional who blends an innovative approach to pushing boundaries with a real-world approach to business. She also has a rare ability to clarify messaging, ultimately shortening the sales cycle.

Pam’s positive and upbeat approach to solving difficult marketing challenges has helped her become a trusted and preferred partner to her clients in high-tech, energy, healthcare, financial, marketing services and other industries.

Prior to founding Stratos, Pam played key marketing roles within leading companies, including S&P Global, Equifax, AT&T Wireless, Sprint/Nextel and Iridium North America.

Pam is a native of Colorado and holds a BA degree in Communications from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Along with managing Stratos, she serves on the board of The Marketing Alliance as VP Communications. Pam enjoys spending time with her family and loves the outdoors, including skiing, hiking, and boating, and enjoys travel when she has time.