What does your brand stand for?

Your brand is more than a logo, name, or tagline. It is the entire experience that your prospects and clients have when interacting with your company or using your products and services.

To help your prospects and customers experience the best of what your company offers, Stratos can develop or refresh the look and feel of your brand. We will also help you to improve your overall brand presence and strengthen your company story, through the use of consistent branding and messaging on your website, within campaigns or promotional videos, at events, and in the products and services you offer.

You may also want to think of your brand as a way to build and drive culture internally, as it can help you to attract, inspire, and retain talent. The strength of your brand and its impact on building a strong company culture can also help with employee performance.

Defining what your brand stands for, and the personality that your company conveys is also key to boosting revenue growth. While this may include developing visual and messaging elements like your logo, colors, and tagline, it also means focusing on your company’s daily interactions with the people who are researching, considering, buying, and using your product or service.

Illuminate Your Brand

We understand how important brand is to your overall success and can work with you to better highlight your brand. Starting with your brand and company story, we will help you communicate your unique offerings through consistent messaging across all marketing channels. You’ll be able to leverage your marketing tactics to present a clear picture of what your company does and what makes it different from the competition. It will be a part of the products and services that you offer and the conversations that you and your team have with the public, elevating your brand and ultimately increasing your revenue.

Your company has a great story and your products are making a difference. The people who work for you are experts that can educate and guide your customers. If you want to build significant market share and profits, start with a strong brand strategy.

Stratos Brand Marketing Capabilities

Let us help you represent your brand value with:

  • Logo design and refresh
  • Tagline development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Stationery management, including digital templates
  • Graphic design, such as website, collateral, social media, email, etc.
  • Design and development of automated customer communication programs
  • Newsletter templates and ongoing management
  • Corporate video production
  • And more!

Client Work Samples