Are you sharing your company capabilities across the right online channels?

Digital marketing covers all marketing work that happens through the internet or by using an electronic device. Common digital channels include websites, email, video, webinars, social media, and marketing for optimal results on search engines to connect with your prospects and customers.

Why Digital?

Today’s customers are connected to the internet 24/7 and use their mobile devices for everything from ordering groceries to reviewing the car they bought online the day before. When your prospects use the web to research how to solve their problems or choose the right solution, be sure that your products catch their full attention.

We know digital marketing is key to achieving results and increasing brand awareness for today’s businesses. Through our extensive experience developing and implementing digital marketing plans, we will help you uncover digital marketing opportunities and determine how to leverage the right mix of information gained via digital channels in order to best ensure your growth. We will then help you identify what to measure and when to shift strategies to optimize your marketing mix and shorten the sales cycle.

Your business may also get a boost from marketing via social media, paid advertising, and other digital tactics. For businesses selling directly to other companies, focusing on a strong LinkedIn presence is often key to success. Consumer-focused businesses may leverage Facebook and other platforms to share updates, run contests, or place digital ads to generate leads. Associations may use a variety of digital channels to attract support. Stratos works to understand and deliver a tailored solution that will help you engage your prospects and customers online.

Stratos Digital Marketing Capabilities

We provide a customized approach for leveraging digital tactics including:

  • Website marketing, including SEO
  • Social media management
  • Email campaigns and newsletters
  • Paid advertising, such as native ads, display ads, and retargeting
  • Video marketing, virtual events, and webinars
  • And more!